Sequence Publishing
State-of-the-art technology meets the English language

Founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2016, one of the hallmarks of the international nature of Sequence Publishing has been our decision to locate its headquarters in Japan.

The company's workforce is fundamentally composed of linguists and computer scientists. We are physically located throughout the planet.

The success we enjoy is the result of a strategic adoption of every technology available to us in order to communicate, share, and cooperate across geographical regions and sociolinguistic domains.

The high standards of TheSage English dictionary and thesaurus are the outcome of a similar embrace of state-of-the-art technology in both the research and the delivery of quality content through an ongoing formal investigation of the English language and of human-computer interaction.

We are keenly aware of the role of the English language as a global resource and, therefore, develop products that cater to the needs of diverse individuals, whether they are speakers of English as a lingua franca or speakers of any of the many World Englishes.