Index ~250,000
Senses ~320,000
Etymologies ~82,000
Thesaurus ~1,900,000 relationships:
synonyms, antonyms,
hypernyms, hyponyms,
meronyms, holonyms,...
Examples of use ~60,000
Pronunciations ~140,000 phonetic transcriptions
As a corpus 12.4 million words
Multiple views
Wildcard search
Anagram search
Phonetic wildcard search
Rhyme assistant
Online search
Word list manager
A phonetic transcription management system
Requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.7 more ➤➤
Multiple documents
Online phonological validation
Synchronized built-in viewer
Regex/wildcard search
Real-time statistics
Large file handling
User-defined keyboard bindings
Variant custom and built-in decorations
Panoptic scanner
Phonetic notepad
Test platform
Inventory manager
Syllabic attributes
Phonotactic rules
Per-entry status flags
Data of interest to academic research

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